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We are proudly organizing the MODXpo20 on October 29-30!

by Ben Davis on March 03, 2020

Landscape photo of Heidelberg, Germany. Home of the MODXpo 2020
City of Heidelberg, Germany

After years of using the open source CMS - MODX, for developing dynamic, secure and scalable websites and online portals, our team has decided to give thanks by volunteering to organize this year‘s international conference.

The 2 day conference will bring together some of MODX‘s best developers and creates an open forum whereby all who participate can ask questions and learn from each other. There will be talks discussing the new direction that the release of MODX 3 will be taking us, plus other general web development themes will be touched upon. The goal is to offer a well rounded web conference dedicated to bringing each person forward in their skill development.

We decided to host the conference in our new Heidelberg office, located in the modern coworking space of Design Offices. The office space offers plenty of break-out areas for private conversations and a spacious outdoor terrace on the 5th floor where visitors can observe the city and get some fresh air. Design Offices will be catering lunch and serving water and coffee all day long.

Christian Seel is heading up the organization and with the help of our office manager, Tony Brockmann, our team will be making sure that the conference will be a success! Mark Hamstra from modmore is taking the reigns on getting the conference the best speakers and Ben Davis is supporting in all roles as necessary. At our Heidelberg office, Jens Külzer will be assisting on location. If you are interested in helping the organization team, feel free to write us at modxpo@seda.digital. We are looking for volunteers!

At SEDA.digital, we feel that it is important to give back to MODX and throughout the years we have tried to prove this by being involved in organizing various Meetups, Bughunts, and previous MODXpos. We value the countless volunteer hours put forth by the MODX core team and want it to be known that the MODX community is grateful for their hard work.

We hope that to show the community‘s support many MODX developers turn out for this year‘s MODXpo. Each MODXpo has been made a success by the participation of the open source community and through the hospitality of Design Offices plus the atmospheric surroundings of the city of Heidelberg, we see no reason why this year wouldn‘t be as great a success as ever.

If you are interested in finding out more about MODXpo20, please visit the website that we have put together at, 2020.modxpo.eu. Here you will find up-to-date information about the agenda, the venue, the wonderful companies that are sponsoring the event, and the city of Heidelberg itself.

We look forward to seeing you there on October 29-30, this year!