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CopyContent - The new MODX Extra

by Tony Brockmann on February 01, 2020

MODX Extra CopyContent Screenshot

So far, if at some point you wanted to edit published resource content in MODX, you had a problem. Whenever you wanted to make and view changes to the existing content you had to do so live & on air like in an open-heart surgery. Thanks to our new CopyContent Extra this is no longer necessary! Our new feature allows you to edit, preview and save changes to your existing resource content - as many times as you like - at any time you like!

This is how it works: Let's say you have published resource content and want to make changes. First you duplicate the existing resource, creating a "temporary" resource. Then you can edit the content of the "temporary" resource, you can also preview the changes you made, save them, start editing again, save it again and maybe even let peers review/preview the edited content. Whenever you feel ready to publish the new content version you just hit the CopyContent-Button and select the original resource. Done! And of course this process can be repeated as often as needed.

Now you might say: Hey, I've heard of an other MODX Preview Extra - and supposedly it's magic! You know what magic really is? Seamless interaction between different components!

And this is where CopyContent really **"shines". The new Extra supports ContentBlocks and can optionally copy TV values - the times of error prone & time consuming Copy&Paste sessions are finally over. This makes CopyContent an indispensable tool for every MODX-magician.

How can you finally get your CopyContent feature? SEDA.digital has developed and published it as a FREE MODX Extra. It's available here or in your MODX package management.

If at any point a bug crosses your path, please report here: https://github.com/SEDAdigital/CopyContent