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MODX Professionals with over 10 years of experience

We are MODX Professionals with over 10 years of experience in developing online projects with the open source content management system MODX. Our commitment to the MODX community is an important part of our corporate culture.

Due to our many years of experience with the CMS MODX, we can use its strengths with great precision in solving complex problems for our customers.

Our passion for MODX leads us to actively contribute not only to the core software, but to also attend and organise MODX Meetups all across Europe. As MODX Ambassadors, we are excited to exchange ideas with the MODX community and meet other like-minded developers from all over the world. You will often find us speaking at these events, sharing our experiences and stories. Co-Founder Christian Seel is also a member of the MODX Advisory Board, helping to shape the future of MODX. Our involvement in the MODX Community is a vital part of our DNA and is of course an important part of our corporate culture.

SEDA.digital MODX Meetup

MODX highlights at a glance

Why should you choose MODX as your content management system?

Simple content editing

The most important thing that a CMS should do is serve its content-editors well. MODX provides a very intuitive content editing interface called the MODX Manager. Not only does it allow flexible Drag n' Drop restructuring of pages, but also restructuring of page elements as well. Our team can customise the interface, reducing it to the basics, allowing us to simplify the user interface. A simple user interface means quicker content editing, which saves our clients time and allows them to focus more on their core business.

Inhaltsverwaltung mit dem MODX CMS

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Multi-Site & Multi-Channel

Need the ability to deliver content to multiple websites or serve content to multiple channels, such as Digital Signage? MODX has you covered! SEDA.digital has experience developing MODX installations that host multiple websites, such as individual product landing pages or separate corporate websites. In this case our clients only have one login to maintain content for an unlimited number of content channels!

Seach engine friendly

Because MODX does not restrict how we build websites, we can be sure to provide Frontend code that is warmly welcomed by search engines. We can output the content in a proper HTML 5 structure, which can lead to better placement in search engine rankings. Because MODX gives us complete control of your website's output, we can also full-fill the wishes of your SEO agency with ease. This leads to a better synergy between our team, your content editors and your SEO efforts. Which in turn, should provide better conversions and more success in achieving your websites goals.

Stability and security

MODX as an open source project has been around for well over 10 years. Because of its long lifespan, the core software has been through hundreds of iterations, each one improving upon the last. A global community consisting of thousands of developers has proven as an effective research and development tool, ensuring that each new release has been vetted for its stability and security. Our clients can be rest assured that their valuable content is safely kept away.

Easy 3rd party tool integration

You have some other web services, such as MailChimp, Google Analytics, or Optimizly that need to be implemented into MODX? That is no problem with the flexible architecture of MODX. With our thorough knowledge of the MODX API, we can easily hook into your desired external service and aggregate your data the way you want on your website or web app. Using MODX's advanced cache manager, we can also intelligently cache your data on the server, saving unnecessary server requests and increasing your website's performance. A quicker website gives your customer a better user-experience which also leads to better conversions.

Mehrsprachigkeit mit MODX


MODX is used to create websites for uncountable international businesses around the world. A major requirement for these companies is that their content editors can easily add content in multiple languages. Using MODX's concept of "contexts", each language can exist in its own section of the CMS. These languages can be connected to each other, or if desired, served completely separate as their own website. The website structure of each language can also be specifically tailored to that target group, allowing for a very flexible content management solution for our clients.