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Become part of our team and make the web a better place! We are especially looking for frontend and PHP developers.


We are dedicated MODX Professionals. Our development team consists of over 20 man-years of experience with online projects based on MODX. We work as MODX Ambassadors and on the MODX Advisory Board, organizing regional meetings and international conferences on MODX. At these conferences, our team acts as speakers in front of the community and share their knowledge. We are driving the further development of MODX from Germany and working with our international partners to continuously improve this unique CMS. Our team develops popular and indispensable extras for MODX that are used all over the world.

We are the leading MODX agency in the German-speaking world.


We care for our traditions. This of course includes burgers and french fries. We also go to conferences in Malta or St.-Petersburg. Or to further our education, skiing in the Alps. We also meet with partners at Oktoberfest in Munich. Why not combine business and pleasure? After all, there is a life outside of a MacBook.


Our developers speak PHP fluently in PSR and develop complex APIs with Slim and Doctrine. Our software works as Big Data interfaces or processes high-volume data with reactPHP. We connect databases and ensure a smooth visualization of all data on our MODX pages. Our software prints tickets with QR codes and scans them for cancellation. Our code works in event cash register systems and enables live sales tracking or authenticates users with OAuth2.


Our team uses Git for project versioning and we deploy our software automatically with our CI/CD pipelines in Gitlab on our staging and production servers. Our local development environments are based on Docker and Vagrant. As full-stack developers, we work with Elasticsearch, Redis or MySQL, depending on the application. Nobody is afraid of the command line. Our team communicates via Slack and our small Officebot checks to see if the coffee machine is running.

Frontend Artists

Our web developers are up-to-date with the latest web technologies and use them at will in the frontend. Webpack and Yarn provide us the most appropriate build tools and our in-house coding standards based on BEM, Foundation and mobile-first responsive design techniques ensure the highest quality. Complex web applications are conjured up by using VueJs and embellished with SCSS based on Foundation.

Interested in working on our team? Send us an email with your CV to jobs@seda.digital