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Case Study:
Tennisverband Mittelrhein e.V.

The Tennisverband Mittelrhein e.V. has been committed to the organisation, maintenance and promotion of tennis since 1947 and would like to impress its 80,000 members with an informative and user-friendly website.

The challenge: An informative & easy-to-understand website with a complex interface

Consisting of the Aachen-Dürenberg-Heinsberg, Cologne/Leverkusen, Left-Rhine and Right-Rhine districts, the Tennisverband Mittelrhein e.V. is one of 17 regional associations in Germany. Club members are interested in finding the individual clubs, match schedules, entry lists, results, tables or match reports online. We have taken up this challenge and developed a corresponding corporate website for the TVM.

"SEDA.digital has developed a new homepage for our tennis state association, which comprises 360 clubs and 80,000 members. It displays our entire range of services. We've also developed an API interface with the National German Tennis Database for our comprehensive and intricate tennis scheduling. Consequently, the display of tournament schedules has become significantly more user-friendly and clear for our officials, players, and interested parties.

The project was executed professionally and with high quality by SEDA.digital. We continue to enjoy collaborating with their team on updates and new developments," explains Managing Director Sebastian Müller.

Concept phase and technical implementation of the API

During the conceptualisation phase, the basics for all web applications were initially developed, with the wireframes and visual design created by our colleagues at buntebrause. We were able to see change requests in real time with the help of online design software and incorporate them into the development concept. On this basis, we began with the technical realisation. In coordination and regular consultation with nu, a software company specialising in a wide range of sports, we implemented the first programming interfaces (API).

TVM Screendesigns

Bringing the screen design to life

The next step was the frontend development. We worked according to the SEDA Frontend "Best Practices" and paid particular attention to performance, search engine optimisation and the general appearance of the website. With great attention to detail, we were able to realise the web design with pixel precision. After creating and then testing the HTML prototype with all the desired functions, including the design, we were able to ensure that the website works optimally on all display sizes.

One highlight of the project was the development of a personalised player dashboard. All players can now log in to their personal profile, see their overall standing and in specific games and compare their performance with that of other players.

Optimal server performance using the MODX Cache Manager

The TVM has 90,000 members. High traffic on the website, especially on competition days, is therefore inevitable. To ensure that the server runs smoothly in the background, all match data has been optimised in the MODX content management system. All files are saved in a separate cache partition to avoid unnecessary data transfers and server requests and to reduce access times.

4 separate Logins for 4 separate regions

Each of the four TVM regions is autonomous and would like to be able to decide on the content of the website individually and independently of the other regions. For this reason, we have integrated four different areas on the website to which only admins of the respective district have access.

Not only that, but TVM also needed two separate admin levels for its editors. MODX allowed us to easily create two separate content admin user groups, each with their own set of permissions.

Launch and further development

After the website went live, the TVM editors were given a brief MODX introduction so that they can make changes independently at any time in the future. To date, we have been maintaining the website and continue to develop new features and functions together with those responsible at TVM.