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Case Study:
Kauft's daheim

The free online platform for local businesses and customers in Bavaria. The radio station ANTENNE BAYERN supports the local economy and digitalization of shopping with a unique shopping experience on-site.

Digitalization for Bavaria's economy

The radio station ANTENNE BAYERN has been a loyal customer of SEDA.digital for many years. At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany and the subsequent lockdown for regional businesses, the ANTENNE BAYERN team decided to help the local economy in Bavaria with an online platform.

This led to the idea of "Kauft's daheim" - where regional businesses can digitally connect with their customers and inform them about their offerings.

From idea to prototype

After initial workshops on the concept, our team began planning for implementation. Flowcharts & sketches of the user journey for different target groups served as the basis for further meetings. Once the user journeys were defined, more concrete wireframes for the individual page types and the positioning of content were created.

Integration into the MODX Content Management System

The MODX content management system serves as the foundation and is linked to a modern, custom PHP application responsible for processing data for the online platform. This PHP application follows PHP Standard Recommendations (PSR) as well as a hexagonal architecture. All content can be edited independently by the editorial team via the CMS, and management of the data of providers can also be done through MODX.

Optimizing the user experience

Special attention was paid to developing a particularly intuitive mobile interface during frontend development, as the majority of traffic is generated via mobile devices. Additionally, fast loading times and adherence to Google Core Web Vitals were optimized for the best possible user experience.

Customers can easily subscribe to their favorite providers to receive notifications about the availability or launch of new products.

Furthermore, we integrated an interactive map to visually discover nearby merchants. The Single Sign-On used by ANTENNE BAYERN was implemented for user management and login, providing users with a unified and secure login process.

Continuous development

Since the launch of the "Kauft's daheim" website, the project has been continuously developed, with work on new features. Updates to the online platform are rolled out automatically via our version control system after various tests and quality checks.