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Case Study:

hierbleiben. supports companies from Saxony-Anhalt on their way to digital recruiting by connecting job seekers and companies on an online platform.

Sustainable growth for companies in Saxony-Anhalt

To counteract the outflow of young people, hierbleiben. hierbleiben. reaches people throughout Germany and gets them excited about Saxony-Anhalt, local companies and the region's potential. An online job portal, including an associated company database, has emerged from the annual Jobevent. Participating companies become part of a valuable network and also benefit from the optimisation of their recruiting processes. Our task was to expand the existing website and integrate an online job portal as part of a technical and, above all, conceptual relaunch.

Concept phase

During various workshops, we created wireframes for the dashboards and the event page. These were then handed over to our partner agency buntebrause, so that the designers could start working on the screen design. At the same time, the SEDA.digital team took care of the further technical conception and the development of the data models.

Performance-optimized frontend development

After completing the design, we started with the frontend development. As always, we placed great emphasis on broad support for modern browsers and adapted the website for older browsers using Progressive Enhancement technique. The responsive design was optimized with attention to detail for search engines and fast loading times, and then extensively tested in various browsers.

"Job finding" starts on the homepage

Already on the homepage, there is a list of jobs as well as some company profiles, and with the help of a search or filter function, specific fields of activity, companies, locations, industries, or career levels can be searched for. The jobs are additionally available via an API for other platforms, such as XING, so that they can also be displayed there automatically.

Long-lasting software systems with elaborate expertise

In our software design, we use a hexagonal architecture that ensures a long lifespan of the software and facilitates maintenance. The hexagonal architecture divides a system into several loosely coupled, interchangeable components. For example, in job search, the CMS searches for suitable results in the database via the API. The API returns these to the CMS, and then the website displays the appropriate results.

Features for job applicants

Applicants can register for free and quickly and apply for the desired job with a single click. They can create a watchlist and also have the option to receive regular notifications (e.g., via email) about job recommendations created based on the information in their profile using an algorithm. Data protection is, of course, always a top priority here.

Features for companies

Companies can register independently and invite HR employees so that several responsible persons can maintain the profile and job advertisements. The company profile shows current jobs of the company, if required, also in several regions, and offers options to integrate texts and photos. All jobs and company profiles are edited and created directly on the website. The job advertisements created here can also be displayed on the respective company's own website, for example, in the career section, via the API.

Easy administration through MODX

Due to the special flexibility and easy usability of the Content Management System MODX, editors can log in via the MODX Manager as any company account in the frontend and thus create or edit company or job data on behalf of the company.

Always up to date

Of course, we are still available for questions and changes after the launch of the website. The further support of the website includes creating backups, testing updates on a separate server, and deploying these updates on the live server. This ensures the accessibility of the website even during maintenance.