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Firmenstaffel DIGITAL

With over 5,000 participants, the company relay is one of the largest running events in Saxony-Anhalt. As the digitization partner, we made it possible to transform the actual live event into a digital one.

How does an event go digital?

Every company from Saxony-Anhalt can take part in the Firmenstaffel DIGITAL: no matter where and no matter when - every kilometer run within a certain timeframe counts for your own team! The digitalization of this event was meant to show that Saxony-Anhalt's companies stick together even in hard times. We were able to guide and help the Firmenstaffel DIGITAL team implement their concepts and ideas.

Registration on the website

The first step is the registration: The team captain registers his or her team on the Firmenstaffel website. All registered employees run together as one big team under their company name. In addition, groups can be created in order to group employees into departments, locations or any other groups in their logged-in area on the website and then compare them internally. A participant can always decide to remain anonymous or make their results public.

Hooking up with the tracking service, Strava

The Firmenstaffel DIGITAL primarily analyses the total kilometers run. To record the individual runs, participants need a Strava account, which is linked to the Firmenstaffel DIGITAL profile. Via the tracking app, the runs are recorded with information on distance, speed, duration, etc. and assigned to the corresponding profile. With our integration of the Strava API, the activity data is transferred to our database in real time and evaluated in the various categories.

Activity quality check

Within the database, a check is made to see if the data can be counted. For an activity to count, either a "run", a "walk" or a "virtual run" must be tracked, and various criteria must also be met, such as the minimum/maximum speed, the minimum distance and the minimum duration.

Internal comparisons are also possible

If companies have activated the internal run ranking during registration, they receive a challenge-based overview that serves to motivate the runners. Here we have integrated various statistics, such as the total kilometers run, the activities of the last 7 days of all employees, internal rankings, the best placements of the team and much more.

A running journal to keep track of the day

Another exciting feature is the running journal. Here we have integrated an overview of the current total kilometers as well as activities of all participants. In addition, the running journal displays the latest activities, the first and last run of the day of all participants, as well as the runner of the day.


Runners can take part in various time-based challenges, such as the Monday Runday, the Night Run or the Ladies Run Challenge. This year, "Your Challenge" has been added, in which participants can challenge themselves to run a best time over 5 km, 10 km or in the half marathon or full marathon. In addition, companies can sponsor a challenge and thus draw additional attention to themselves.

Weekly summary by e-mail

Each participant receives a weekly evaluation e-mail, which contains a summary of the personal activities of the last week and a comparison with the previous week. Of course, the start number is a must for a running competition! This can be downloaded free of charge by all runners.

Firmenstaffel DIGITAL Support

During the entire duration of the event, SEDA.digital was able to support the Firmenstaffel DIGITAL team. By regularly monitoring the activities and checking the database, by creating new challenges and sending out digital certificates, we were able to ensure a fair and exciting event.