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AS Asphaltbau

AS Asphaltbau has set itself the goal of becoming one of the most advanced asphalt construction companies in Germany through a comprehensive digitalization strategy.

Development of a comprehensive digitization strategy

AS Asphaltbau Schmidle GmbH is a medium-sized company from the Allgäu region with a regional focus on Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Thuringia and deals primarily with road construction, path construction and asphalt rehabilitation. The company is a long-standing customer of SEDA.digital and after we already created the corporate website, we now also accompanied the company's digitization strategy.

Technical concept creation

After visiting the company and making an on-site assessment, we were able to draw up a problem analysis while consulting with their employees. After initial workshops working through the technical concept and defining all functionality with the help of wireframes, the SEDA.digital team began with the concrete planning. The screen design was conceived by our partner htp communications.

Stage 1: SEDA.digital develops an efficient customer ordering process

Subsequently, the first implementation stage of the digitization strategy was realized: We implemented a new online customer ordering portal. This makes it possible for customers to place an order with just a few clicks using a standardized order form custom-tailored to the asphalt industry, which is then optimally transferred to their internal production process. In addition, customers receive a comprehensive overview of the orders placed and their status.

Stage 2: Implementation of digitally controlled route management and weekly planning

In June 2020, at the request of AS Asphaltbau, we were able to implement a completely digitally controlled route and weekly planning as the 2nd stage of the digitization project. The drag-and-drop sorting of orders is displayed in a calendar view and provides the back office team with a complete overview of the orders for the coming week. Here, all orders scheduled for the following week are summarized and regionally linked.

A route planner then automatically calculates the optimal distance between the construction sites and arranges it in order so that their drivers have the best route to save time and costs. In addition, the optimal route to the nearest mixing plant to pick up additional construction materials is also integrated.

Here, we have linked a mixing plant database, which had been built up by AS Asphaltbau over many years, to the app. With the help of these state-of-the-art technologies, customer orders can be controlled and implemented. In addition, a new interface between the online app and their already existing back-office tools connects their customer order data. Because of this, snapshots of the current workload as well as performance comparisons can be created in near real time.

Faster turnaround times and improved working atmosphere

The customized digital planning system gives project management and management a complete overview of which jobs need to be completed and when they will be completed. This creates a high level of planning reliability and transparency, which in turn creates faster turnaround times and a friendlier working atmosphere for both customers and their back office team. Of course, we continue to take care of the further development and support of all web applications.